We are Picibird from Berlin, Germany.

We design and develop software using web, mobile and desktop technology.

Our Projects

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Hybrid Bookshelf

A 3D Shelf App to present library data in an exciting new way. Seamless swipe interactions create a simple but exciting search experience. Discover the library catalogue, including filter cards, sorting, availability and location. more

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Liberry - A juicy app for libraries

The pocket-size library for Android and iOS. Book covers instead of lists - Browse your library holdings with a novel user experience and advanced search capabilities. Powerful in a smart format. Extensive filter options, location information, reservations and rentals on any device. more

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Realization of various data import / export interfaces in public transport software systems for one-time conversion (data migration) as well as in real-time continuous operation.

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Qoros Auto

Qoros is a rising chinese automobile manufacturer with european quality. We realized several interactive exponats for Auto Shows in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Geneva.

Worked with Bluescope for Qoros Auto

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Inside Guidance

Inside Guidance offers professional solutions fo exhibitors to manage events and guide visitors through often complex buildings. We ported Inside's 3D Engine to navigate visitors through exhibition buildings in real 3D from iPhone to Android.

Worked for Inside Guidance

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Interactive multi-touch wall installation. The challenge was to create a gesture based, continuous experience with many animations to mediate features of current and future technology and services.

Worked with Neonred for Smart

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RSS Radio Day

ZUI based multi-touch solution to explore the current landscape of the german radio network. To play besides work a Unity 3D Table Hockey game was included into the ZUI.

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ZDF Moma

To ease up the moderation of current hot topics in the german press a tablet shows a digital newspaper rack. While the moderator can freely browse selected newspapers & articels audience can see the mirrored image on an big multi-screen studio installation in the back.

Worked with ICT for ZDF Moma

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ZDF LogIn is a young and modern TV Live show. Viewers can be part of the show using channels like Twitter and Facebook to share opinions and ask questions. The moderation uses a custom build multi-touch table software to select incoming messages thus enriching the current live debate.

Worked with ICT for ZDF LogIn

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"Tapmote, just tap it." is an android app to simply control your favourite music players by just tapping your phone, even if it is locked and in your pocket.

Tapmote is a private, ongoing project with our close friend Stefan Dierdorf

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Create Workshop

For the World Usability Day we accompanied a creative thinking workshop with a multi-touch table installation for new idea generation. The most useful feature was using the Anoto Pen Technology to sketch on real paper. All sketches were automatically transmitted to the table via bluetooth to create an idea map and to discuss each individual or combined ideas in the group.


IT Consulting

We analyze your business needs and design individual implementation strategies and tailor-made software solutions for your market and target groups.

Native Development

Mobile Applications
Desktop Applications
Cross-platform Applications

Web Development

Frontend & Backend
Universal Web Application UWA
Content Management
Static Websites (one purpose)

Graphic Design

CI Design
Web Design
Product Design

Interface Implementation

Data migration and conversion from and to any interface provided for one time migrations as well as real-time continuous operation


Mobile & Desktop Development

Cross-platform .NET, .NET Framework / Core / Standard, Xamarin / Xamarin Forms, Universal Web Application UWA, Nativescript

Web Backend Development

Ruby on Rails, HAML, J2EE/J2SE (Struts/Wicket), Hibernate, JPA, NodeJS, Zend, Symfony

Web Frontend Development

HTML / CSS / SASS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, React

Programming Languages

Ruby, C#, Java, HTML / CSS / SASS, JavaScript, Typescript, PHP, Golang

Content Management

ezPublish, WordPress, Typo3, Pimcore, Symfony CMF

Database / Search Index

MySQL/ MariaDb, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Solr, MongoDb


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